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Top Tips for Survivalists and Preppers

By Steve McDaniel

Don't Let Prepping Overwhelm You!
As a new or experienced prepper it's still really easy to start thinking of all the things you might need and how much it's going to cost. This can be debilitating. The reality is, no matter how much you prepare or how much you spend there will always be more things that you will need to make your prepping even better. It's an endless goal, so take it in steps. Anything you do is better than nothing.

Pay Attention to the Basics!
Sure you can get some really cool things to go in your bug out bag, but if you forget the basics you probably will regret not focusing on it. Think about the things you would need to have to survive 72 hours, then when that's done look at 1 month, 3 months etc. Also consider you may have to lug all these things around. It would be great to have a water purification system that distills water, but it'd be much more efficient to have 72 hours worth and a simple filter that you can use anywhere? Leave the big items for a more long term bug out location.

Keep Important Documents Safe
You should make sure to have copies of all of your important documents such as drivers license, passports, medical information, emergency contacts, marriage certificate etc.

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Small Game Trapping for Preppers

By Bobby Akart

Trapping for Preppers
In a survival situation, traps can capture animals that provide us precious calories from meat and fat. Think of them as little hunters that you put out to do your work for you while you are off accomplishing other tasks. There are seemingly as many different traps as there are critters to catch. To us, learning trapping for preppers is one of the essential survival skills.

Trapping for preppers is an essential part of most survival strategies. By setting up a number of well-placed traps which you check regularly, you can save yourself a lot of energy. As with most hunting and gathering strategies, it is best to set up your trap line at a bit of a distance from your bug out location. Should an extended perimeter from your bug out location become too dangerous, you will not have exhausted the game in the immediate area. In addition, while hunting can certainly be productive, it also uses up valuable calories, something that you simply can't afford to lose during a survival situation.

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